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FF: Winter Wonderland (1/1)

Title: Winter Wonderland (1/1)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: G
Category: General

Fandom: Navy NCIS
Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. They belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al.

Author's Notes: This is in response to this week's (12/7/03) challenge on 15minuteficlets.

Kate sighed and rubbed her neck. She dropped her keys and coat on a nearby chair. Walking over to the stereo, she put on a CD.

"Sleigh bells ring; are you listenin'?"

The strains of the old Christmas hit floated through the apartment. Kate walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine.

"In the lane, snow is glistenin'..."

She smiled at the distinctive voice. A glass of wine, Louis Armstrong on the stereo, and a sleeping cat in her lap... a nice, comfortable night for a change. She frowned. Where was Yertle?

"A beautiful sight; we're happy tonight..."

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty," she cooed, hunting through the living room. She sighed. "You stupid cat--get out of the tree."

"Walkin' in a winter wonderland."

"You want me to throw you out there in the snow?" Kate threatened. She knew that it was an empty threat--Yertle, her old tortoiseshell cat, would never survive a Virginia winter. Besides, putting the cat outside defeated the entire purpose of looking for him in the first place.

"Gone away is the bluebird..."

"You hear that, stupid kitty?" she said sweetly. "No birds in the tree. C'mon." She lifted the cat out of the pine tree. Yertle latched onto her sleeve and tried to climb up her arm.

"Here to stay is the new bird..."

Kate sat on the sofa in relief. "Silly cat. Don't you know most cats prefer to climb the tree after it's decorated?" She looked over at the bare tree and sighed again. With all of the work she'd been bombarded with, she was thankful she even had a tree.

"He sings a love song as we go along, walkin' in a winter wonderland."

"Don't I wish," she muttered. Unfortunately, her workload also cut out any prospect of a romantic life. She wondered how Tony managed it. Shrugging, she put all thoughts of coworkers and cases out of her head.

The song began to fade as the warmth of her apartment, the glass of wine, and the soothing sound of Yertle purring made Kate drowsy. A few minutes later, she was sound asleep.

The word for this week was "snow".


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