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All right, ladies. I've been invited to a costume party for Halloween (actually, the Friday before Halloween, but whatever). I have no idea what I should go as.

Any suggestions?


Oct. 7th, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)
Well, there is this one costume I made a few years back that was seriously awesome. Too awesome not to be revived, really. See, I was the head of Anne Boleyn. Really. I rigged it up so that it looked like my head was being carried around by an executioner. It took a few wire clothes-hangers and a visor carefully molded into a semblance of a head, with a grim reaper hood over top of it. This was then wired onto the back of a basket with a hole cut into the middle for my own head. I would then put on normal clothes (but with black boots and gloves) and a grim reaper robe over those, then put the basket-head contraption on. Then I had someone help me secure a black hooded robe (I had to cut a slit down the front) over the head and staple the sides to the basket along with a pair of black gloves to complete the effect. The basket, of course, was filled with straw and fake blood, which was also applied liberally to my neck. Then I'd just put on the appropriate makeup to my face--going for that lovely sunken-in eyes, clammy skin, blue lips of DEATH affect--throw on my wig and crown and I'd be ready to sweep the costume contests. And I did. Oh, I did.

Um, yes. As a bonus, the costume really isn't that expensive to make, and there's a good chance that any young trick-or-treaters you happen by will be so terrified that they'll drop their candy in their haste to get away from you. ~g~
Oct. 7th, 2006 04:32 am (UTC)
You have a sick, twisted mind. That is the awesomest costume I have ever heard of. *grin*
Oct. 7th, 2006 08:49 pm (UTC)
When I was in college, I won third prize for going as a computer. I took the box in which I had shipped my bicycle back east, cut arm and neck holes, covered the box with brown wrapping paper and drew knobs and dials and such on it. (This was 1977, when people didn't have pc's at home, and a "computer" was a huge thing with flashing lights and stuff that only the government had.)

One year I went as the Oakland A's mascot - made a trunk and ears of gray felt (put the ears on a bunny ear headpiece I had) and a tail from twisted cord, a tassle and a wire hanger.

One year I went as an accident victim. Borrowed one of those plastic, strap-on foot casts from a friend, used a sling and ace bandages.

One year, I made a spider costume out of black knit fabric. I used a t-shirt for the body pattern, just made it longer with long sleeves and put two tubes of fabric coming out the side seam which I stuffed with batting or plastic grocery store bags and wore black tights. I made a cowel to go over my head and used black face paint. I took two wedding favor cups shaped like daisies, used a red permanent marker to made them red and used a hot needle to poke tiny holes in them to string black elastic thread through, to tie them on my head for "insect eyes".

I used an old suit once, sewed patches on it, made my face up as a hobo clown and carried a bandana pack on a stick to be a hobo clown (like Red Skelton).

My girlfriend helped me with a punk rocker costume once, but I really mostly looked like a ho.

For probably the easiest & cheapest costume, I wore white and draped a white sheet over my head (face exposed). I painted my face to look like a skeleton. The only expense and time involved was the black and white face paint and the time to apply it.

Of course, you could just go as Abby from NCIS.


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