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FF: Confused Memories, Part 20

Title: Confused Memories (20/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: R
Category: Drama, Romance, Crossover (JAG/Harry Potter)

Spoilers: Through "The One That Got Away" (JAG); Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. The JAG universe belongs to DPB and his gang, and the Harry Potter universe belongs to the goddess, JKR.

Author's Notes: The 'adage' I refer to in the chapter title is: "Trouble always comes in threes." Oh, and I probably ought to add a warning for this chapter--reference to slash within. (This part's for you, cakemage! *grin*)

Chapter 20: In which an old adage is proven

Clayton watched his lover sleep. He was still surprised at the events of the previous night, but he didn't regret it. Not at all. He smiled and brushed a lock of grayish-brown hair out of Remus Lupin's face.

They had met a couple of days before at a staff meeting. Remus had come to Hogwarts to give Professor Granger some help in her lesson plans. He knew more about defense against magical creatures than anyone at the castle. Of course, it made sense that he would--he was a werewolf, after all.

Clayton narrowed his eyes slightly. It had taken a bit of work to convince Remus that he didn't care what he was, or how much money he had. Clay wouldn't say that he was in love with Remus--but he was well on his way there. The wizard was intelligent, loyal, kind, patient--a wonderful person. And he didn't mind that Clay was practically a Squib, which went a long way in earning Clay's trust.

Remus and Clay had spoken for hours on end while Sarah taught her classes and AJ did research in the library. Clay felt a bit guilty that he wasn't helping, but when Mac had taken him aside and told him to enjoy his small vacation, he had felt a bit better. Of course, then she had told him to invite her to the wedding. He smiled and shook his head. She never got tired of teasing him.

Clay stretched slightly. It was almost time for breakfast, but he didn't want to get out of bed. He felt too wonderful for words, and didn't want to break the sensation of... dare he say... happiness.

"Good morning, Clayton," Remus rasped, his voice still rough from sleep.

"Morning, Remus," Clayton replied, kissing the other man quickly.

"Shall we get ready for breakfast?"

Clay grinned wickedly. "Not yet." He caressed Remus' thigh. Remus growled and grabbed Clay's wrists. He pinned them over his head and kissed Clay deeply.


Clay stepped out of his room, an actual smile on his face. Remus had promised to show him Hogsmeade later that day, and he was looking forward to the trip immensely.

He passed the foot of the Divination Tower and stopped in his tracks. He had a niggling feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong with Sarah.

Climbing the steps of the tower, he finally reached Sarah's quarters. He knocked softly on her door.

"What is it?" Sarah's voice called. It was rough--either from sleep or from tears.

"It's Clay, Sarah. I wanted to talk to you." He waited a few seconds, then said, "Sarah?"

The door swung open, revealing a red-eyed Sarah MacKenzie. "Mac--what's wrong?" Clay asked worriedly.

She gestured him inside, then closed the door. She sniffed. "He--he said he doesn't love me," she whispered.

"Who?" Clay asked. He already knew the answer.

"AJ. He doesn't love me. We made love--no, I had sex with him," she spat. "I practically threw myself at him. What was he going to do? I mean, he's a man. What else would he do? Funny--I didn't take him for the love ‘em and leave ‘em type," she finished bitterly.

Clay's eyes narrowed dangerously. He kept his voice even, however, when he said, "Oh, Sarah, I'm sorry. I thought he had feelings for you, too."

"Well, we were both wrong, weren't we?" Sarah muttered, yanking a brush through her hair.

"Do you want me to have some breakfast sent up?" Clay asked.

"No," Mac replied emphatically. "I'm not going to let that... that... man think that I'm pining away up here." She sat on the bed. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

"Okay. If you say so," Clay said. He walked to the door.

"Oh, Clay? How did last night go? Your portrait said you were... busy." Sarah tried to smile.

Clay grinned. "It was right." Sarah laughed and threw a sock at him.

"Go on, get back to lover-boy," she said, shaking her head. He left, closing the door.


Hearing a knock on the door, AJ opened it a crack. Clayton Webb paced the corridor.

"Something wrong, Webb?" AJ asked. The younger man's head snapped up. There was an angry gleam in his dark green eyes.

Clay shoved past AJ and into the room. "What the hell is the matter with you, you son of a bitch?" he hissed, getting into AJ's face.

"Watch your tone of voice, Webb," AJ replied dangerously.

"Fuck you, AJ," Webb snarled. AJ's eyes widened. He had never heard the spy use such strong language before. "You broke her heart, asshole. Tell me why I shouldn't hex your balls off right now," he said, pointing his wand at AJ's groin.

"Because it would land you in the Hospital Wing for about a week--even without retaliation?" AJ said dryly.

"It would be worth it," Clay said. "You hurt Sarah. You lied to her." Not allowing AJ to interrupt, he continued, "And don't tell me you don't love her. It's damn obvious."

"Webb, you know why I can't tell her--" AJ began.

"Bullshit!" Clay said. "That doesn't give you the right to smash her heart into little pieces. I swear, Chegwidden, if I had the strength, you would be in a world of pain." He stormed out of the room, leaving AJ with his mouth hanging open.


Clay and Remus walked the path to Hogsmeade slowly. Clay had told Remus the entire story of why he and AJ were there, and the saga of AJ and Sarah's whirlwind romance and consequent heartbreak.

Remus shook his head. "I don't know much about Muggle law. You say that it's illegal for the two of them to be together?"

Clay nodded wearily. "I understand AJ's reticence, but I can't see why he would hurt Mac like that. You should see her, Remus. I haven't seen her this broken since... well, since her fiancé left her."

Remus took Clay's hand. "There isn't anything you can do about it, Clayton. Just be there for Sarah. She seems like a strong woman--I'm sure she will get past this eventually."

Clay smiled sadly. "I know. It just hurts to see her like this."

"Of course it does. Nobody likes to see their friends hurting." Remus squeezed Clay's hand. "And I don't like to see you hurting. Is there anything I can do?"

"You're already doing it," Clay said.

Suddenly, without warning, a series of pops sounded in the air around them. Remus shoved Clay off the path and into the trees. People in black robes appeared before them. Each wore a white mask. Remus' lips tightened grimly. "Death Eaters," he whispered to Clay.

"Search the area," one of the Death Eaters ordered. "Someone is bound to be out here. I don't want Dumbledore alerted. Not yet, anyway," he said in a malevolent voice.

"Get out of here, Remus!" Clay said.

"I'm not leaving you here, Clay!" Remus argued.

"You have more of a chance than I do to get back to the castle unharmed. Go! Now! Before they cast anti-Apparition spells!"

Remus looked at his lover. "I'm sorry, Clay," he whispered.

"Just go!"

Remus disappeared with a crack. Two Death Eaters, hearing the sound, started blasting apart the bushes where Clay was hiding. He knew he couldn't get away, but wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"Protego!" he whispered. The Shield Charm wouldn't be very strong, but it would keep lesser spells from hitting him for now. "Conjunctiva! Locomotor Mortis!" he whispered.

The Death Eater hit by the Conjunctivitis Curse shouted and dropped his wand. The one affected by the Leg-Locker Curse sent one more curse toward Clay before he fell. It went wild and didn't hit Clay.

However, two Death Eaters simultaneously cast a Full Body-Bind toward Clay's hiding place. He didn't dodge it quickly enough, and it penetrated his Shield Charm. He fell over, cursing silently.

The first Death Eater cast Mobilicorpus on Clay and brought him to the apparent leader. "Master!" he said, kneeling. "I found someone in the bushes. He was trying to attack Nott and Avery."

"Very good, McNair. You shall be rewarded. Put him down." McNair muttered a word, and Clay dropped to the ground. The Body-Bind didn't allow him to break his fall, and the wind was knocked out of him.

"How nice to meet you," the leader said smoothly. "You, my friend, get to do us a wonderful service. Finite Incantatem," he said, removing the Body-Bind. He smiled cruelly. "Imperio."
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