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I am Fangirl, hear me SQUEE!

Studio 60 premieres tonight! Aaron Sorkin's BACK, bitches!

medie is running a porn battle! I do not know her, but I like her already. For I have plot bunnies for the first time in nearly a year. *grin*

Bill Clinton's gonna be on The Daily Show tonight! I can't wait to see this interview.


In other news, I auditioned for Twelfth Night this evening. I'm trying for Sir Toby or Feste. Madam Director had me read for Sir Toby, and then later for Viola. WTF? I wanted to say, "Bitch, please. We all know you're not going to cast a fat girl for either of the female leads. At least, not a fat girl who's not part of your clique."

As much as they deny it, there are cliques in the Drama Club. Excuse me, Theatrical Society. And I am an outsider.

Of course, it's only because she wanted us to read one male and one female role. I still don't see the point. Why not have me read for Feste, the part I want?

Wow, I sound whiny. Must find the glee again. Help me find the glee!
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