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It's that time again...

No, not for the Wheel of Morality. That would be much more fun.

I went to my first two classes of the semester. I was considering dropping Multivariable Calculus, but I changed my mind. Mainly because the professor is awesome. I did have to buy the book AGAIN, though. *grumbles* If I'd known I'd take all three calc classes here, I'd've kept the book the first time around. (They all use the same book.)

World Religions seems like it'll be interesting. That's... really all I have to say about that class. The book was only $16.95, so that was good--I could pay for it in cash, not charge it.

I've spent about $400 on books today, and I'm not done yet.

And I am, yet again, having problems with Student Accounts. Why can't my scholarships come in on time? WHY? *headdesk*
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