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Sorry to those of you who commented on the meme post--I just got back from my mom's house. :-P

I went to visit her yesterday, thinking that I'd have a ride home (she was adamant that my sister was also going to visit), and that ended up not being the case. So I stayed the night, and only got about two hours of sleep. (Not exaggerating this time.)

And it was incredibly awkward, because I have no idea what to talk about when I talk to Mom. It's not like I have any big things going on right now, and even then, I'm not much of a talker anyway.

Anyway. I'm going to relax now. And perhaps take a nap, but probably not, because I won't sleep tonight if I do.

Oh! But in good news, I got the student loan I applied for. I can actually attend class this semester without fretting about how I'm going to afford it! (And I'm getting a book scholarship from Big Sisters, so I don't have to worry about that, either.)
Tags: real life stuff, whining
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