like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

A short rant and a question

One of my biggest pet peeves in HP fics: naming Hermione's parents Dan and Emma. This is mainly in Harry/Hermione fics, of course. It is NOT CLEVER. It is irritating and vaguely creepy. There are thousands of possible names out there! Choose ones that don't make me want to punch you in the face!

*deep breath* Now that that's off my chest... Can anyone tell me where to find some good Webb/Mac fic? Some good, happy fic that's not on a Yahoo! group? (I've no desire to go searching through all the messages on a group in order to find fic.) I suddenly got the urge to read JAG fic yesterday, and I've read all the AJ/Mac fic out there--many, many times. (There's not really all that much, which makes me a very sad fangirl.)
Tags: fanfic, harry potter, jag, questions
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