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Doctor Who

BIG-ASS SPOILERS behind the cut. So, y'know, don't read them if you don't want to be spoiled.

I know this is supposed to be the most emo episode EVAR, but the Daleks and the Cybermen insulting each other is the funniest thing I've ever seen! *dies laughing*

Dalek: Identify yourselves! (Who the hell are you?!)
Cyberman: You will identify first. (Who the hell are you?!)
Dalek: State your identity! (I asked first!)
Cyberman: You will identify first. (Yeah, well, I asked second!)
Dalek: Identify! (Tell me who you are! *whines*)
Cyberman: ...and illogical. You will modify. (I have no idea what you're saying, dumbass.)
Dalek: Daleks do not take orders! (Fuck you, I'm a Dalek. I don't have to listen to you.)
Cyberman: You have identified as Dalek. (Ha ha ha, you're a retard, Dalek!)
Dalek 2: Outline resembles the inferior species known as Cybermen. (Did your mother fuck a donkey to have you?)
Dalek: What is your technology? (Bitch, how'd you get here?)
Cyberman: We follow in the wake of your sphere. (Followed you. It was easy.)
Dalek 2: Long-range scans confirm presence of crude cybernetic constructs on worldwide scale. (Yeah, they're too stupid to get here on their own. Lazy fuckers.)
Cyberman: Our species are similar, though your design is inelegant. (Hey, we're the same! But you look like a monkey. Or Nobby Nobbs.)
Dalek: Daleks have no concept of elegance! (What the hell do we need to look pretty for? We're gonna PWN your asses.)
Cyberman: This is obvious. (Bitch, PLEASE.) But consider: our technologies are compatible. Cybermen plus Daleks; together we could upgrade the universe. (Come on, buddy, you know I didn't mean all that. Wanna go kill people?)
Dalek: You propose an alliance? (You want us to work with you pieces of shit?)
Cyberman: This is correct. (Pleeeeease?)
Dalek: Request denied. (Fuck off and die, dickwad.)
Cyberman: Hostile elements will be deleted. (...Oh, shit.)
Dalek: Exterminate! (Like I said, fuck off and die.)

That whole conversation has to be the best thing I've ever seen on television. Now, back to watching the episode and waiting until the moment I burst into tears. I'll update this post once I'm finished.

ETA: *bursts into tears*

NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR! She never even got to hear him say it!

*wails* ROSE! DOCTOR!
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