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So today was room selection. My sucky lottery number ensured that I'm going to have some random person placed with me next year. At least my room's on the first floor. (If they don't change it again.)

That little parenthetical aside should tell you how I'm feeling right now. (CRANKY.) I have to finish a story for Creative Writing for tomorrow, and I know where I want it to go, yet I have absolutely no ambition to do it. This is probably because I feel like utter shit. Fortunately, my roommate's not here to hear me whining to myself.

Oh, and I got a 63 on my Operating Systems exam. However, the class average was a 62 (!!), and the professor curves to a B average, so I passed. (Yay!)

ETA: And Yahoo won't let me into my e-mail! Screw you too, Yahoo.
Tags: real life stuff, whining
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