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ffkoah fic challenge!

kate98 is running a fic challenge over at ffkoah! You can find all the rules and stuff here, but the upshot is there should be LOTS AND LOTS of fic about the FFKOAH. (For the newbies, that's father-figure-kink-of-angsty-hotness. Basically, my obsession with AJ and Mac from JAG and Gibbs and Kate from NCIS (before they KILLED HER OFF, DAMN IT) falls under that category.)

I probably won't be posting for the challenge (the posting date falls right before finals, so I'll be working my ass off trying to pass my classes), but I hope to see pretty pretty fic.

(Oh! And I do have plans for an AJ/Mac post-series finale fic, for those of you who are interested, but they're on hold until summer break. Because it'll probably be long and plotty. I hate long and plotty, but that's the way it's going in my head.)
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