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Why do people have to be stupid?

Some absolute fucker is buying shit with my money! It's not like I wouldn't notice this! One of the companies was a French web hosting company! (Come on. Do they really think that I'd be like, "Oh! I must have forgotten all about buying that hosting package!" when a) I already have one, and b) I don't speak French?) The other was some phone company in New Jersey. ...Yeah.

Fortunately, Sovereign Bank is incredibly helpful, and they're issuing me a new card and looking into the purchases. Yay, Sovereign!

However, I only have $9 in my account right now, and I can't buy anything unless I want to write a check. I'm too damn lazy to do that. So I'll have to wait until I get more money--and a new card.

I hate people. I really, really do.
Tags: real life stuff, wtf mate?

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