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SciFi Friday!

I got to watch Stargate tonight! SG-1 and Atlantis! And while I was kinda "meh" about Atlantis, SG-1 FREAKED ME OUT.

1) FLESH-EATING BUGS. EW. I think those things scared me more than the Replicators did. 'Cause at least the Replicators didn't EAT YOU.

2) SG-1 MOVIE NIGHT! It's canon! And Teal'c wanted to watch Old School! *giggles*

3) Is it wrong that I found Sam incredibly hot when she was telling What's-His-Name--the bald guy--that she didn't think she could give a pep talk at that moment, considering the incredibly deep shit that they were in? (Obviously, I'm paraphrasing a bit.) She was so pissed off, and I LOVED IT. Because she didn't give a damn what he was saying. And it made me gleeful.

So, yay, SciFi Friday! I'm just sad I won't be able to watch it for the rest of the school year. *pouts*
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