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Ten Random Facts

Because I am bored, and I figured this would be fun, here are ten random facts about me. (There is some TMI involved, but it's not that bad.)

1) I am back at school. My dorm room looks really big 'cause one of my roommates is doing study abroad this semester and she moved out. We're getting another roommate, though, so it'll go back to looking small again.

2) I never realized how much I actually liked drinking bottled water until I spent a month at home and had nothing to drink but soda, juice, milk, and tap water. (If I drink too much milk I feel sick, and I hate the taste of tap water. People who say that tap water and bottled water taste exactly the same are either whackjobs or live where the tap water isn't chlorinated.)

3) I have Dublin Mudslide ice cream from my boyfriends Ben and Jerry, and it's really really good. (And I don't really like coffee ice cream.)

4) I'm eating my ice cream with a fork because we've run out of plastic spoons.

5) I hate unpacking more than I hate packing for trips.

6) My breasts are extremely sore. (Stupid birth control pills.)

7) I just realized that I'm using the battery on my laptop because I forgot to hit the switch on my surge protector.

8) I can't watch The Daily Show tonight because the roommate that left was the one with the extension cord. The other roommate is planning on buying an extension cord tomorrow.

9) The roommate that's here is talking to someone on the phone about the movie Dodgeball. I know this because the words "Steve the Pirate" came up. I actually own this movie.

10) Mr. & Mrs. Smith is still the BEST MOVIE EVER, and if you haven't seen it, you really, really need to. No. Really.
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