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*whimper* Too... much... to do! I have to beta about ten chapters of "Eternally Yours" for a friend on ajmacfic, two chapters for the JAG Diaries, and the latest chapter of "Not Such a Bad Day" by cakemage. I then have to write the next chapter of the ajmacfic round robin and the next chapter of "Confused Memories", and work on the PWP I started last week and the NCIS plot bunny that I thought of on Wednesday. Then I need to update my website, which I've left for a week, which is going to make it quite a bit of work. Thank goodness the ajmacfic list hasn't been too busy lately. (Huh. Never thought I'd say that.) Then, I need to make some new icons that I've wanted to make for a while and upload more icons to my account. I also need to write the recap for the latest episode of NCIS and get ready for the next JAG ep.

*sigh* And those are only my fandom pursuits. For school, I need to do my last two calculus assignments and plan my final project for computer science. Then, I need to figure out how to pay the rest of next semester's tuition before the 15th.

Help me.


In other news, I went home for the weekend. I never realized exactly how much I love living at school until Wednesday night, when the house was overrun with people. I am not a people person--even when the people in question are my family.

I did get escape on Friday, though. Right now, I'm at a friend's house. It is so very quiet here. Aaaah... quiet is good.

I went to the movies yesterday. I finally got to see Love Actually. Fantastic movie. I was in the mood for a sappy Christmas movie. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD.

However, I think the previews are going to give me nightmares. First, The Cat in the Hat. No. Just... no. Bad Hollywood! You've destroyed my childhood, damn you! Then, Stuck on You. It's a new movie with Matt Damon as one of a pair of conjoined twins. Like I said, trauma. Finally... Laws of Attraction. I think someone got their hands on some fanfic. It's about two lawyers, who... wait for it... wake up one morning, and they're married. Apparently, they bicker and fight a lot--especially when they face each other in the courtroom. Why? Why?! Why must they give the shippers ideas? Ten bucks says that there'll be a JAG shipper fic based on that idea by the end of December. (I'm fairly sure of this, because within five minutes of seeing that preview, I started outlining a new NCIS fic in my head.) Of course, I'm also sure that plot's already been done.

Well, I'm going to watch About a Boy now. I need to get offline before I tie up my friend's phone line any longer. God, how I love DSL.

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