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One down...

Well, the paper's done. I got 7 1/2 pages before I ran out of material. I handed it in about fifteen minutes ago.

Tonight, I'm going to the Math/CS Liaison holiday party. (This should be... interesting. Note to self: bring camera.)

I also need to study for my Data Structures final. Which is tomorrow. And like the last two exams for that class, it only has four questions. (Hopefully, like the last two exams, I'll pull a 90.)

I also have a chorale concert tomorrow night. So I won't get started on my twelve-page philosophy paper until Saturday. It's due on Monday.

I have my hardest exam on Monday: Computer Organization and Architecture.

On Tuesday, I have to give an eight-minute presentation on the paper I just handed in today. I also plan on cleaning my room and packing my bags for break.

On Wednesday, I have my last (and easiest) exam: Spanish.

Oh, guess what? I just found out my foster mother is in the hospital. She's been diagnosed with emphysema.

I swear, if I don't have a nervous breakdown between now and next Wednesday, it will be a miracle.
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