like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Primetime TV... my crack, yo. First on my Tuesday primetime watching list: Bones! Not so much a fan of the title character, but her little sidekicks are fun. Yay for racing beetles!

Also, for John M. Jackson! You can imagine how GLEEFUL I was when JMJ started yelling at Booth (or whatever the hell David Boreanaz's name is). Well, make GLEEFUL "drooling shamelessly", and it'll probably be more appropriate. And make yelling at Booth "being in a scene".

...Did I mention I'm a fangirl? I miss JAG. (The show itself sucked ass in the later seasons, but I could always mute it and just lust after the pretty officers in uniform.)

Speaking of pretty officers in uniform--dude! Catherine Bell's gonna be in the new SciFi miniseries Triangle! (Sure, she won't be in uniform, but hell, it's still CB.)

Did I mention I miss JAG? I want my military FFKOAH back! It's even gone from SG-1! *is sad, even though she is a Sam/Daniel shipper*

Next up on the primetime TV crack list is House. I shall LJ-cut everything.

Stacy, you are awesome and I love you. Keep being smart, sexy and monogamous!

Cameron, don't be a moron, 'kay? Remember, kids: drugs are BAD, yo.

Chase, what the hell are you thinking? Okay. Sex with a woman you work with = a BAD IDEA. Remember that next time you're tempted to sleep with a coworker who is HIGH.

Foreman, you just continue standing there. You're the cool Duckling. You're snarky like House, yet you're not so much of a jackass.

Wilson, we all know you lust after House. And Cameron. And any pretty thing that walks by, really. Stop the denial and start spreading the Wilson love. (With House and Cameron. We already know you do with everyone else.)

House... you're an asshole. Stacy should've kicked your ass. I still love you, 'cause you're a snarky asshole, but you're still an asshole.

Finally, Law & Order: SVU. Kinda boring, really. (Of course, I only say that because it focused mostly on Casey and not on Olivia. Though next week looks good. (Yay Olivia!))
Tags: bones, fandom, house, svu

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