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If you heard that incredibly loud squee of delight, that was me. Guess what I have? It's shiny, and... it's shiny! And it's aaaaall mine.

My shiny new laptop came today! And I'm now sitting in the computer lab, having stole an Ethernet cable from one of the computers so I could get onto the Internet, and I'm admiring the shininess.

Oh, and it has a 40 GB hard drive, and 256 MB of RAM, and it has a DVD/CD-RW drive, and--get this--it comes with an internal wireless card.

*dances the dance of GLEE!*

I'm still getting used to typing on a laptop, but I'm sure I'll adapt eventually. *grin*

So, what should I name my shiny new laptop?
Tags: i am a geek, real life stuff
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