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I. Hate. SOAR.

For those of you who don't know (erm... everyone), SOAR is the online registration database at my school. Every semester during registration week, it takes me at least three tries (that is, three separate times that I'm on the Internet) in order to log in. It usually takes me at least two more than that to actually register for my classes. Goddamn it, I know what classes I want! Let me log into the fucking database!

Also, I got back from dress rehearsal about half an hour ago. I missed House, The Daily Show, and most of the Colbert Report. My feet hurt, I'm tired, and I just want this play fucking over with. (In case you couldn't tell, tonight is a FUCK YOU, WORLD night.) I have a Spanish exam tomorrow that I haven't studied for, a backlog of homework to catch up on, and I need to find my suit before tomorrow's rehearsal.

And I have two rabid plot bunnies fighting in my brain, trying to hijack what free time I have. (That would be the hour a day I spend walking between the academic campus, the residence campus, and my dorm.)

Excuse me while I go throw a hissy fit. Then, hopefully, fall asleep before two AM.
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