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SG-1 FF: A Pirate's Life, Part 2 (AU)

Title: A Pirate's Life, Part 2
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson
Prompt: #26: Teammates
Word Count: 832
Rating: All Ages
Author's Notes: Don't worry. All will be explained in due time. Also, I really enjoy this AU.

"First time," Jonas said, "being captured by pirates."

"We were not 'captured'," Jack retorted. "We willingly joined them."

"Oh." Jonas paused. "First time surrendering to pirates."

"We're not pirates!" one of the women called from the bridge.

Daniel sighed and rubbed his eyes. The best thing he could say about being stuck on ships most of the time was that his allergies didn't act up. Of course, being stuck with a man who took great pleasure in being a smart-ass and another one who defined the word "earnest" didn't help with headaches.

A bottle and a couple of pills were placed on the table before him. "Here," the blonde woman said quietly. She gave him an empathetic look before rejoining her partner.

"Hey! Don't we get anything to drink?" Jack complained. Daniel ignored him in favor of swallowing the pills.

Oh, blessed relief. Now, if these pirates--no, independent traders--had coffee (or a variant thereof), he would quite happily stay put and not follow through on the crazy escape plan Jack was bound to come up with.

"Perhaps, O'Neill, we should seek to learn about our captors, in hopes of gaining their assistance."

And there was the single voice of sanity in their little group of fugitives. Daniel shot Teal'c a grateful look. Teal'c looked as amused as he ever did. He had loosened up a bit since they had run through the Earth 'Gate for the last time.

"How many times do I have to tell you, they're not our 'captors'?" Jack asked in exasperation.

"Oh, I don't know," the black-haired woman (Daniel hadn't caught her name, but she reminded him of Jack) said cheerfully, entering the cabin with a tray of food. Jonas lit up and grabbed a roll. "We do have the superior firepower, if not the numbers, and you're on our ship--which is much faster and shinier than yours. And don't get used to this--I'm not a bloody waitress."

"Vala, are you trying to play 'Who's Got the Bigger One' with the boys again?" the other woman smirked. "You should know by now that that only scares them away."

She carried a carafe. From the carafe emanated a familiar aroma.

Daniel nearly leapt from his chair, misjudged the distance, and fell flat on his face. He rose, red-faced, and gingerly checked for injury.

"Been a while?" the woman asked.

Daniel blinked and blushed even harder.

"I mean since you've had coffee." She sounded far too amused. "What did you think I was asking?"

Daniel shrugged and gazed at the carafe that she was still holding. She didn't seem to be planning on putting it down anytime soon. It was time to bust out the big guns.

He gave her his best puppy-dog eyes.

She immediately poured him a mug of coffee.

Oh, coffee... beloved, wonderful, sanity-bestowing coffee...

"Now, that's not fair!" Jack protested. "Just because you have the Puppy-Dog Eyes of Doom doesn't mean you get to use them whenever you want!"

Daniel was too busy gulping his far-too-hot coffee to be smug. But he was thinking it very strongly.

When everybody had his or her beverage of choice (and Jack had stopped whining), they finally got down to business.

"So..." Vala began, "where's everyone from?" She looked Teal'c up and down with something suspiciously like a leer. Daniel shuddered. Scary woman. "Bet I know where you're from."

The Eyebrow came up. "Indeed," Teal'c replied. It was almost a question.

"Ah, well, I suppose you can't be all that bad," Vala continued. She moved on to eyeing Jonas, who was too busy eyeing a pastry to care. Daniel dreaded the moment she moved on to him. He just knew he'd blush. It was like a curse.

Fortunately, Jack chose that moment to be flippant. "Ever heard of a little place called Earth?"

"Um, I'm not from--"

Jack kicked Jonas to make him shut up. Daniel was too distracted by the Coffee-Bringer's sudden blanching to notice.

"Sam? You all right?" Vala asked in concern.

Color began to return to Sam's face. "No. Not really." She stood and crossed over the room. It wasn't very large to begin with, so everyone heard her murmur, "Five years."

"Five years?" Jonas parroted. Sam's head jerked up. She glanced at Jonas and dismissed him. Her gaze landed on Daniel.

"Five years... Dr. Jackson. Colonel O'Neill. Teal'c."

"Um, Sam? Is there something you haven't told me?" Vala asked lightly. Daniel could hear the tension beneath.

Sam laughed humorlessly. "I know these people. Well, not him." She gestured at Jonas. "But... I told you about them. A long time ago. After... after Jolinar." She drew a shuddering breath.

Daniel's mind was working overtime. How did she--Jolinar? Wasn't that the--



"Captain Carter?"

Apparently Jack and Teal'c had come to the same conclusion.

She smiled weakly. "Yeah."

The cabin fell silent. Then Jack started singing under his breath.

"It's a small world after all... it's a small world after all..."
Tags: fanfic100, fic: stargate

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