like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Happy meme!

Because I was tagged by b_cavis.

This meme is called the "Life is Good" meme, and it is precisely that. A recitation, if you wil, of everything that is good today in your life. Because there is always something, as indicated to us in the Sound of Music, and we can always at least be comforted by the fact that we are not the people on the Maury Show.

1) Get tagged
2) Get happy
3a) Post said happiness
b) if no happiness can be found, simply write "I am not on the Maury Show." If you are on the Maury Show, simply insert "Sally Jesse Raphael"/"Ricki Lake"/"Jerry Springer"/"Judge Judy" in place of Maury, as is applicable.
4) Tag 5 others to indulge in similar joyousness

Okay. Hmmm. Happy things.

I had chocolate today--that's always good. I get to leave lab early if I want. I got an A on my short writing assignment for philosophy. And I get to leave for a long weekend tomorrow! (I am so incredibly tempted just to skip class tomorrow.)

Um, that's pretty much it.

I tag... _workinprogress, cakemage, j_guda, nakedtoes, and settiai.
Tags: meme
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