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Ew, ew, ew. *scrubs eyeballs*

Bad Chase! No biscuit!

You know, for once I agree with Cameron's reaction to something. OMGWTFMATE?!?! *shudders* I'm sorry, no matter how innocent it was, it still totally squicked me out. (And that's kinda hard to do, after three years in fandom.)

But other than bad and wrong kissing of nine-year-olds (which is always BAD AND WRONG, even if the child's dying of cancer, yo), I liked the episode. Particularly when Wilson told House to go to hell. And when House went to the kid and told her that the procedure was her choice, and no one else's.

Also, Cameron got to touch the markers! Yay! *grin*

Oh, and Foreman was all cool and stuff.
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