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I am the Fandom Pimp.

I miss updating daily. I miss the privacy of my own computer. *sigh*

Anyway. I went to the signing on Friday. It was every bit as wonderful as I hoped. *grin* I mean, a seat would've been nice, but I lived. I did take notes (yes, I'm a geek), but I don't have them on hand right now. So I'll just say--Terry Pratchett is my god.

Also, The Roommates and I watched the last three episodes of Veronica Mars last night. They were, quite literally, screaming during the entire last half of "Leave it to Beaver". It was hilarious. Deafening, but hilarious. Roommate #1 thinks that Logan is evil, though. (She's the former Leo/Veronica fan, who's now gone back to Duncan/Veronica, since there's no incest to be squicked over.) This makes me sad, but I suppose I'll survive. However, Roommate #2 is quite the Logan/Veronica fan.

I love my roommates. They react the same way I do over my TV shows. *grin*
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