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Wherein I rant/squee about my shows.

...So, any Sheppard/Weir-Sheppard/Teyla ship wars yet?

(I almost typed Teyla/Weir, but in most fandoms I've been in, the femmeslashers (though few and far between) are more sane than the rest of the bunch. And now I want to read some Teyla/Weir fic.)

Also, I flailed--FLAILED, I say--when Agent Skinner Agent Hammond Colonel Caldwell started flirting with Weir. Still not entirely certain if this was a good flail or a bad flail, though.

(Isn't it great how I don't even comment on the plot?)

I did not see that ending coming. At all. (Because I suck at solving mysteries, but I digress.)

Poor Cat. *pets Cat* *smacks self for bad pun*

Nekkid!Lee! *swoons*

Oh, and Roslin and Kara rocked, as usual.

DAMN IT, Cameron! Grow a fucking spine already! *thwaps*

You are pretty, Wilson. Very very. Though you look tired.

You are pretty, Chase. Very very. Though you need to shave.

House, you're as much of a bastard as ever. Though you need to get over your ex and go flirt with Cuddy.

Stacy and Cuddy? Hurrah for strong female characters. I think you should take Cameron under your wings and teach her how not to be a dumbass doormat.

...Wow. It's amazing what one episode can do. I've jumped on the CAMERON, YOU IDIOT! bandwagon. *sigh*
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