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FF: Downtime (1/1)

Title: Downtime (1/1)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG
Category: General

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. They belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al.

Fandom: Navy NCIS
Spoilers: "Yankee White", "Hung Out to Dry"

Author's Notes: This is in response to a 5-minute improv challenge from the plot bunnies page at WWOMB. It's pointless, really.


Use the following words:

Cowboy boots
Kate Smith
Country club

She flopped down on the couch. She reached for her spoon and the carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The smooth, cool sensation of the creamy dessert in her mouth relaxed her.

She had been working at NCIS for two months, and she still wasn’t completely used to it. It was so informal, yet so fast-paced, as well. They rarely got time off--which was why she was enjoying this weekend to the fullest extent.

She closed her eyes and smiled, recalling the first time she had met her coworkers. She chuckled, remembering the comment she had given Gibbs when he tried to blow her off. 'I earned my jockstrap.' He had given as well as he got, shooting back, 'Oh, yeah? Does it ever give you that empty feeling?' She had known right then that she would like the no-nonsense NCIS agent--as much as he had pissed her off at that moment.

Her mind drifted. She toed off the cowboy boots she had worn to work that day. She shook her head as she remembered Gibbs' knowledge of her shoe size, and Tony’s crude comment on 'working' a field.

She yawned. Reaching out, she grabbed the pile of mail on her coffee table. She tossed the junk mail into the wastebasket--well, she tried, at least; most of it missed by feet. The bills went back onto the table to be dealt with later. She finally pared her pile of mail down to one creamy white envelope. Curious, she opened it.

"You are cordially invited to..." She groaned. She did not want to go to a wedding. Even if it was her best friend, Kate Smith's, wedding. At a country club? Well. Looked like Kate was moving up in the world. The phone rang, startling her.

"Todd," she answered the phone brusquely.

"Katie, you need to get down here now. There’s been a murder at Norfolk..."

She tossed the invitation in the same direction as the junk mail and sighed. It wasn't like she’d have the time to go, anyway.
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