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Sci-Fi Friday

Stargate SG-1: Meh. Not so much with the love lately. Though I did like "More chicken!"


McKay is officially my favorite character. *pets McKay* He's just so... arrogant, and conceited, and insecure, and I wuv him. He so sure he's right, and he doesn't just hate to be wrong, he's afraid of it.

I think I like McKay because he's the most like a real person. He's not a hero, he's not perfect (even if he is a genius)--he's human. He gets scared, over-confident, and he fucks up--sometimes in small ways; sometimes in ways that destroy three quarters of a solar system. And he feels horribly about it.

Also, Ronon and Teyla? Yes. Very much yes.

(Just one question: why is the title of this episode "Trinity"? I don't understand this.)



*dances around singing* Lee loves Kara! Lee loves Kara! (Yes, this made me very, very, veryveryveryvery happy. OMG. The Kiss. The Admission. *flails*)

Dee Is Awesome. *nods firmly*

Gah. GAH. *flails some more*

This show needs to win an Emmy, goddamnit.

(And I still need a BSG icon. Preferably with Kara. And Lee. Kissing.)

(Or just Kara kicking ass. 'Cause she does that so well.)
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