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Episode 9.12: A Girl's Best Friend
Airdate: Winter 2004

11/12 - Lieutenant Marvalis is in Belgium where he tries to sell a diamond to two Hasidic men claiming that if they like the diamond he brought he can bring as many as they are willing to buy. Mattie and Harm are going to be neighbors... Mattie is supposed to go back to school soon even though she's half a year behind. Coates and Mattie bond, go shopping, etc. Meredith is visited at the University by an old friend named Pietro who's in town for a symposium. Meredith says that she accidentally knocked the diamond from her engagement ring off. He examines the diamond and tells her that they are proceedures now to make sure that diamonds aren't unlawful and that stones now have a serial number, hers doesn't. The Admiral goes to the jeweler to inquire about the stone he bought and who sold it to the store. Mac goes to the CIA to meet with the diamond expert we saw last year to show him a diamond (probably Meredith's). Mac is concerned about Webb's whereabouts. The Admiral goes to a warehouse and learns more about the diamond. Lieutenant Marvalis is arrested. Harm and Roberts defend him, Mac procecutes. Pietro and Meredith go to her house and get reacquainted. (Italics theirs.) Source:

See why I'm screaming? *grin*

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