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Pulse Rate (JAG 9.10)--Spoiler

Bah. The fools at CBS are preempting the next ep of NCIS. But it's for JAG, so I'm not too upset. :-)

EDIT: *facepalm* Shannon needs to learn how to read. They're preempting the December 2nd episode of NCIS, not the November 25th ep. I'll have to remember to set my VCR after all. :-)

Here's a spoiler for Tuesday's episode:

Tuesday, December 2, 8PM ET/PT
"Pulse Rate"

When a sailor is electrocuted while servicing a radar antenna on board a destroyer, Harm and Mac travel to the Mediterranean to investigate what seems to be an accidental death. Meanwhile, the Admiral foolishly assigns Coates the task of coordinating the details of his forthcoming wedding to Meredith.

Bwahahaha!!! Didn't he learn enough with Tiner? I love you, Jen!
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