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SciFi Friday

Not much to say about SG-1 and Atlantis. They were okay. I liked 'em, but not much with the squee. (Of course, it'd be hard to top last week's episode of Atlantis.)

But--Sam! Next week! *dances* Sam's back!

Now, Battlestar Galactica? I totally went into fangirl mode over that.

Lee! *wibbles* Oh, man. Some excellent acting from Jamie Bamber in this episode. Lee was so happy to hear that his father was okay, and struggled hard to keep a straight face. Gah. So sweet.

Kara! My favorite character. Oh, yes. She just kicks so much ass, but she knows when she needs help. And she's not afraid to show emotion.

The thing I love about BSG is that the villains aren't PURE EVIL OMG, and the Good Guys aren't completely spotless. The humans make mistakes--big ones, sometimes--and the Cylons are slowly becoming more and more "human". It's the shades of gray that make this show so interesting. It's really smart, and it's the main reason I keep tuning in every week. Even with fascinating characters, I'd lose interest quickly if the plot and/or the writing sucked. (*coughs* I'm lookin' at you, DPB.)

Also, I have one random comment to make about this mood theme: WTF was the creator thinking, using this picture as "happy"? Cameron is about as far from happy at that moment as she can possibly get!
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