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JAG Rant: The Boast (OAD: 11/21/03)

*sigh* This episode wasn't all that great. Oh, there were a few parts at which I squealed like a maniac (namely, any scene with AJ in it), but overall, if I wasn't taking notes, I would've nodded off halfway through.

The episode starts at a POW camp in Iraq. A prisoner is found dead--shot in the back of the head. I rhymed! Wow. I am bored.

Pentagon--the SecNav is talking to AJ. Lance Corporal Pete Kelly told a reporter from the Norfolk Sun that he killed a POW--the one that was found dead. He didn't know that she was a reporter at the time, and when he found out, retracted his story.

AJ says he'll assign Mac and Bud for a JAGman investigation; SecNav asks AJ if he and Harm are still having problems. AJ says no, and that they're headed for California for a military law conference. (*cough* The slashers must be having a field day with that. *grin*) The SecNav knows full well that AJ just wants to see the Navy-Marine Baseball All-Star Game.

At the game. Yum! AJ in civvies! I think I'm going to like the rest of this episode, if only for that. Yes, I am an unabashed fangirl.

AJ just loves his baseball, doesn't he? He keeps talking about the players stats like they're supposed to mean something to us. I don't know--maybe they do, to Harm.

Ooh! The pitcher just struck the batter with a fastball! Yeouch!

Mac and Lance Corporal Kelly. Kelly says he made up the story to impress a girl. He says she asked him the "million-dollar question", and he just made something up. The million-dollar question: "Did you kill anybody?"

Lieutenant Phelps, the batter hit with the baseball, has a concussion. The manager of the team referred charges against the pitcher. PO Crawford is having an Article 32 hearing. When AJ hears this, he says, "The military justice system is getting as ridiculous as the civilian courts."

Well. Turns out the manager is the lieutenant's father.

Bud talking to the reporter. She said that she checked out Kelly's story--he had no alibi for when the POW was killed.

AJ talking to the manager/father. Says that he understands how the man feels, but that sometimes a pitch just gets away from a pitcher. He was a pitcher in high school. We learned in an episode a few seasons ago that he had been in the first draft for the Cleveland Indians, but decided to go into the Navy instead.

Mac talking to a Marine about case. There were about 200-400 prisoners in the camp at any given moment. The round shot into the prisoner's head was either a 9 mm or a .38. It could have been a prisoner that had a gun, but they have no way of knowing. It looked like the prisoner was trying to incite a riot--they had to handcuff him. The captain, however, does not believe Kelly could have committed murder.

Hee. That commercial for Florida Orange Juice always cracks me up. "Get outta bed! Get outta bed!" ...Of course, I'm easily amused.

Our obligatory visit with Mattie. Harm brings three pizzas, 'cause he doesn't know what kind she likes. They have an appointment in Juvenile Court in three weeks. Mattie asks what a ward is, and Harm explains it to her, then uses a Batman and Robin analogy--Robin was Batman's (well, Bruce Wayne's) ward.

She then asks, "What do you get out of this?" I have to say, I've been expecting this question.

Harm replies, "You." I started sniffling at this. Damn it! They're going to make me actually like Harm if they keep this up!

SecNav visits AJ in his office. "I think you should switch to decaf, Admiral," is his greeting. Probably not a good idea, Mr. Secretary--they'd all mutiny within a week if that happened.

He tells AJ that the Kelly case isn't a high priority anymore. AJ is not happy--he thinks that the SecNav wants him to stop a murder investigation because of politics. Gah. I hope this SecNav doesn't become like the last one. But I can't hate him too much, because of last season's ep "Second Acts". *grin*

Bwah. AJ's going to be defense counsel for the pitcher. More AJ! Bliss...

AJ, Mac, Bud, and Harm are in the conference room. Mac and Bud are presenting their findings on the Kelly case. Mac is assigned as defense counsel for the corporal's court-martial; Bud is prosecution. AJ tells Mac to assign someone to oppose him at the Article 32 hearing, and leaves the room.

"Okay, who wants to do battle with Mr. Big?" *snicker* Mac, Mac, Mac, watch your phrasing, dearest. I'm going to be giggling over that line all night. *grin*

Harm says that it's obvious the Admiral wants to oppose him. *rolls eyes* Could the man get any more arrogant? Mac says, "You just wanna nail the Admiral to the wall for keeping you out of the Navy for three months." Basically.

Huh. The pitcher has been scouted by both the Yankees and the Red Sox. Go, Sox! Hey, I live in Boston--and I don't have a death wish. ;-)

"I would never throw a fastball at another man's head... even if he was a Marine." AJ suggests that the petty officer doesn't say that in court.

AJ talks to the catcher and asks what the sign he gave the PO meant. At first, the seaman pretends he doesn't know what it means, but then said the manager had wanted the PO to throw a brush-back pitch.

Mac's talking to Kelly. "But you had motive, and you confessed, and unless we come up with something brilliant, like the truth, you're gonna do 20-to-life in Leavenworth."

Hee! Mac and Jen are talking in the Admiral's outer office. cakemage, here's a scene for you! *grin*

Mac walking in the rain, questioning another Marine. He says that he is not trying to obstruct her investigation "of [his] own accord." Well. Does that mean someone's telling him not to talk...?

Mac goes to SecNav. She says she'll subpoena him if she has to--even if it is a case of national security. He says, "You've got a lot of damn gall, Colonel." That's our Mac!

She then says that she feels the corporal is "guilty of nothing more than being stupid." Ah, how many people would be in trouble if that were a crime...

SecNav says he'll talk to the Joint Chiefs. Mac says, "And sir. Tell them I'm not going away." Yes! Our tough, no-nonsense Marine is back!

Yikes. Omar Byle (sp?), the prisoner who was killed, was an Iraqi exile placed in the camp by the CIA to be an informant. Well. Kinda pointless for Kelly to kill him, hmm?

Jen tells Mac that there was a prisoner who had a gun in the camp--it was found two weeks after the other prisoner's death. This one was killed in an escape attempt, I believe.

The Article 32 hearing. It sounds like Harm's drawing parallels with this case to his current situation.

WTF? Has anyone seen the new Sprint commercial? It's a bunch of frat boys yelling, "SEVEN!" *cough* Anyway...

Ha! Here's a good one for ya, Mae... the reporter is on the stand.

Mac: "Miss Cerrano, if you don't mind my saying, you're a good-looking woman."
Reporter: "So are you, Colonel."

*chuckle* NCIS is still winning for slashiest DPB show overall (have you seen "High Seas"?), but that comment is certainly interesting...

The reporter has been hired by the Times since she wrote the article. She hadn't spoken with the CO or any other Marines before writing it, though.

I am happy... AJ and Mac talk at the coffee machine. They chat about their respective cases. ...I am pathetic, that's what I am.

Harm's closing statements--says that PO wanted to hurt the lieutenant.

AJ's closing statements--appealing to emotion. Much better than Harm does, too. Of course, I am biased. "Don't let lawyers ruin baseball."

AJ wins. Woo-hoo! Harmie lost. I am quite happy.

Harm congratulates AJ for his win... well, sorta. "Nice job for someone who's been out of the game for a while." AJ could kick your ass any day of the week, Rabbit.

AJ replies, "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and take that as a compliment." Wow. AJ's in a much better mood lately.

Mac's questioning Kelly on the stand. He's describing what it's like to be in battle. Mac asks what the million-dollar question is, and he tells her. She then asks if he's had to kill anyone, and he then describes one attack he had to fight his way out of. His friend died in his arms after taking fire. Mac asks how it feels to be asked if you've killed anyone. "Ma'am, it makes you feel creepy." She asks him why he hadn't told the woman that story, and he says that he'd never told anyone that story.

Mac wins, too! The corporal is found not guilty.

On their way out of the courtroom, Bud and Mac have a short conversation. Bud says, "You know, ma'am, after watching you at this court-martial, I have a hunch."

Mac asks, "What's that?"
"I think sometimes people ask you the million-dollar question."
"You know what, Lieutenant?" Mac says. "I never tell the truth." Aw...

Hey! There's gonna be an episode of JAG next Tuesday! But I think they're preempting NCIS for it. *pouts* I'd rather watch NCIS. Oh, well.

One quote from next week. Harm, concerning Mac: "She's after this guy with a vengeance."

See you then! I hope. I may have to record it and give you a recap when I come back from Thanksgiving break.
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