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Since b_cavis has unlocked the post, I can now post a link to her Ten Commandments, Fandom Style.

(EDIT: Or... maybe not. WTF, LiveJournal? I could've sworn it was unlocked a moment ago...)

An excerpt:

Thou Shalt Join Together

"Look," said the Lord, "for I have created for you the Con. It is a tool of great power and you shall use it for good to meet up with fellow authors and you shall spread goodness and eat pie. For pie is good. Much love to the pie."

And the author said, "But Lord, forgive me, I am poor and have no moneys. I cannot afford a Con. Though you are right, pie is good. I like cherry."

And the Lord said, "Pumpkin is better." And the Lord thought for a time and declared, "Then thou shalt join Yahoo!Groups and use LiveJournals and start dialogues about ten-second scenes that last for many days and many nights. For there is strength in numbers, and the oldest among you shall govern wisely when you all herd together like sheep."

And the author rejoiced, and there was pie.

This God is much more fun than most. He likes pie. Though I prefer pecan, myself.
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