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*cackles* I have turned a new fan to the dark side! Not only have I enlightened her to Harry Potter fandom (which may or may not be a good thing, seeing how batshit insane most of HP fandom is), but I have also opened her eyes to the Snape/Hermione 'ship. (Well, that may not have been me, but I like to think it was. *grin*)

Now, I shall ponder which fics to rec that have appropriate ratings for a sixteen-year-old. Ordinary People will probably be the first one. Unless she's already read it.

(I wouldn't even worry about the ratings, if I didn't know this person in real life. But as I'd have to deal with upset parents if she wandered into the smutfic, I think I'll tread carefully.)

(Note to self: need more icon space. Or to throw out old NCIS icons.)
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