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NCIS Rant: Sub Rosa (OAD: 11/18/03)

This episode just made my day. I had been feeling a bit down, but now I'm all shrieking and bouncing in my chair. *grin*

The ep starts out with truckers picking up drums of acid at a Naval base. The guy moving the vats drops one, and the acid spills--along with a corpse.

NCIS headquarters. Huh. Tony's looking all professional today. He's wearing a suit. On the phone with a new agent: "The best thing is for you to do nothing." He's all condescending.

Kate comes in and greets Tony.

"You look like hell."
"A woman loves to hear that, Tony." But I have to agree--she does.
"If you're comin' down with something, don't sit next to me in the truck."
"There's an upside to having a cold." Ha!
"You wanna tell the doctor about it?" He is such a pervert. She is going to end up slapping him one of these days.

Gibbs comes in and puts down his coffee. He tells them to get ready to leave. Uh-oh... Kate spilles Gibbs' coffee.

"I'll go down the hall and get you some." Some more coffee.
"That's not coffee." Like AJ and his coffee. *sigh* Yes, I'm a bit obsessed.

Tony says, "I've never experienced Gibbs without his morning coffee. We're in uncharted waters here, Kate." *giggle* I love Tony. I love all the characters.

Ducky! Turns out the acid was hydrochloric acid. It's used for a lot of things, one of which is to surface-clean metal.

Eew. I think I'm gonna be sick. The body was in the acid for less than 24 hours, and it's already all white and rotted and--just ugh.

"Worst case of acid indigestion I've ever seen." Bwah. Tony, of course.

The dead guy was an enlisted person. Kate says that they can get the DNA through the Armed Services Registry--but it would take 48 hours.

Tony is talking to Agent McGee, the newbie.

"I've heard stories about Special Agent Gibbs."
"Only half of them are true. The trick is figuring out which half."

McGee looks kinda familiar. That is going to bother me until I figure out why. I think he was on an ep of SVU, but I'm not sure.

Bunch of people picketing outside the base.

"Whale-huggers?" Gibbs asks.
"Yes, sir. They've been buggin' us for weeks."
"Why don't you just shoot 'em?" Not a sensitive New Age kinda guy, our Gibbs.
"I've been tempted."

Tony makes Agent McGee stay at the crime scene to guard it.

"Why are you making him stay here?" Kate asks, exasperated.
"Because I can."
"That is complete abuse of authority."
"Lighten up--he's new. He expects to be abused. It goes with the territory." I love the little smug grin he has on his face.
"This isn't pledge week at Sigma Chi, Tony."
"Bet you were a lot of fun in college."
"I was a lot of fun in college."
"Really..." he says, grinning as she walks off. Hahahaha! He has a one-track mind.

Ugh. Ducky's talking to the body again as he takes photographs. My icon is so fitting.

Our victim died by a blunt-force injury to his skull; the discoloration on forearm was a tattoo. What's left is the tail of a dolphin. He was a submariner.

Ducky starts yapping about the history--Gibbs rolls his eyes, and they all get busy working.

They check the roster--there are no submariners missing. One of them is an impostor.

Agent McGee warns Gibbs about the captain--says he can be difficult.

"And you don't think I can be difficult?"
"I'm sure you can, sir." Um... oops. Gibbs just smirks.

They're talking with captain. The only boat that has left is the Philadelphia, which is headed for an exercise in the Atlantic.

Gibbs wants to take Kate with him, and the cap'n disagrees. Uh-oh. Gibbs tells Kate to step outside the office. He is pissed. He's defends his choice--Kate is a trained profiler.

Gibbs and Tony get outside, where Kate is waiting. She is not happy, and goes off on Gibbs. When she's finished, he asks, "You claustrophobic?"

She's going anyway! This is gonna be fun... *grin*

"I think I'm more excited to dive on a nuclear sub than to fly on Air Force One." She's too cute, huh?

"How do we get from the frigate to the submarine? Swim?" Kate asks.

The sub surfaces. Kate is all excited to see it.

The skipper is very unhappy to see them on board.

Abby's having fun with loud music and computer graphics. She's reconstructing the dead guy's face on the computer.

"Ah... it's coming along," Ducky says, coming into Abby's lab.
"Yeah. It looks like he's gonna be kind of a hunk. He's got a big strong chin..."
"I agree. Sort of... Cary Grant-ish."
"I was thinking more Hugh Grant-ish." Hee. I love those two! They rock!

Abby says she has good news and bad news. "I hate it when you play this game, Abby," Ducky groans. The bad news: the victim's stomach contents were a Big Mac and fries.

"And the good news?"
"I know what's in the special sauce." Hee.

PO Drew is nervous. Gives wrong thumbprint--the left instead of the right..

Kate's talking about profiling stuff.

"Everybody has something to lie about," Gibbs says at one point.

Computer-generated image doesn't look like any of the men they suspect. "Could our leader's golden gut be wrong this time?" Ducky asks. Hm... good question. Nah. ;-)

Tony and McGee. It is still annoying me that I can't place him. *sigh* I've never been good at remembering faces.

"What's she look like?"
"She's not your type."
"Well, how do you know that?"
"Have you ever had the slightest urge to tattoo your buttocks, McGee?"
"I don't think so."
"Then we need never speak of her again." Why do I have the feeling our Tony has a secret...? *grin*

Gibbs think someone altered the service record before they got it.

Gibbs asks skipper to surface so they can send a message. "No can do, Agent Gibbs. I'm about to win a bottle of Stoli."

Oooh. I love dangerous Gibbs. *shiver*

"I have good news and bad news, Abby," Ducky says back at HQ.
"I hate payback."

Huh. Ducky played cricket in school--but only on reserve.

Tony's talking to an attractive woman. Here we go... he is *so* flirting with her. But then, he's flirt with anything in a skirt.

McGee asks permission to ask the lady a question.

"McGee, you don't need my permission to ask a question. Unless you're asking her on a date."
"No, sir. Not my type."

Well. The latest person to quit was Joshua Fox. He had quit three days ago.

Hee. Gibbs is forcing Kate to drink a lot of water so that she needs to use the head, in order distract COB (chief of boat) so he can get out of the wardroom. That was a long sentence.

It's obviously abandoned, darlin'. Tony and McGee are at Mister Fox's house.

McGee wants to follow the rules. "We'll have to go to a civilian judge to get a search warrant."
Tony picks up a rock. "Or play football."
"Go deep. Go deep!"
McGee is confused. Tony throws the rock through the window on the door.

"That's breaking and entering!"
"No. That was breaking. This is entering." *snerk* Tony obviously doesn't care for rules.

Gibbs is in the torpedo room, questioning PO Thompson. He's caught by COB, who is not happy. Gibbs comes back into the wardroom. "Busted," he murmurs to Kate. The COB leaves, angry.

"Do people react that way because we're NCIS, or do you just have that effect on them?"
"I'd like to think it's me." You're probably right, Gibbs. But we wouldn't have you any other way. *grin*

Back to Ducky and Abby, who are talking about photo stuff.

Then to Tony and McGee. They're searching the abandoned house, and find a DSL line from a jack to... behind a bookcase. Oh! They found a secret door! Looks like our guy was working with the anti-sonar people.

Wow. McGee has a Master's in computer forensics from MIT and a BS in lab medical engineering from Johns Hopkins. Damn. Tony's getting shown up big time by this guy now. Tony went to Ohio State--he studied phys ed. "I was a jock."

Oh, my God. The bad guy is planning on introducing serin gas into a sub's air supply. And guess which one it is?

Tony sends an emergency message to the Philadelphia, and they surface to take on air.

AAAAGH! WANT SCREEN CAP! WANT SCREEN CAP! Kate falls against Gibbs as sub surfaces! Please. I will do anything. I will sacrifice my firstborn child--even though I don't have one. But please, I need a screen cap of that! *begs*

"Wow," Kate says as they begin to level off again.
"Yeah. That's what they all tell me." I'm sure they do, honey. Yes, I am completely and utterly shameless. *grin*
Kate hits him, and he leaves the room, smiling.
The COB, who had interrupted them, *cough* is smirking. Kate glares at him and follows Gibbs.

To Abby and Ducky. "What if one of the five missed his crew picture?" Abby asks. It was PO Drew--the sonar operator. Or the supposed sonar operator, anyway.

PO Drew went to head--he's our guy! Holy shit! Oh, god--he killed himself.

Turns out PO Drew is actually PO2 Shawn Travis, who had been dishonorably discharged, and was now involved with the "radical eco-whale freaks".

They're leaving the A/C system off as they dive--faster under surface than on it.

"It's gonna get hot in here," the skipper says.
"We're used to taking heat," Gibbs replies.

Tony gives Abby the canister they found at the house.

"So what's Agent McGee like?" Abby asks Tony.
"Ah... like most newbies. Quiet, green, gullible..."
"I don't think so."
"No, Tony. The canister. It has a bi-metal trigger."
"So it's turned on by either... either..."
"Hot or cold."

YUM. *drools* Gibbs in a nice white shirt...

The steward comes in with a tray of ice cream--five different flavors. Mmmm... ice cream. Of course, it's kinda odd that the only reason they're eating so much is so they can store the body in the freezer.

"Travis didn't commit suicide to give up. Suicide was his back up plan." Yikes--hot or cold, and this one is "turned on by cold", according to Abby.

Oh, god. The guy swallowed the canister--and the serin gas has already been released! Yikes! They run with him to the torpedo room and shoot him out of the sub. That's certainly a quick way of doing it.

After they're done with that, Gibbs talks to the COB.

"COB? I don't think I have to tell you what the most important thing to do is now, do I?"
"Getting the ice cream back in the freezer."
"Exactly." Guess Gibbs likes his ice cream. I wonder how he likes it...? No, I don't have a dirty mind. All right, I do. I admit it, okay?

Gibbs and Kate are back at HQ. Tony greets them.

"Nice cap. They make you the boat mascot?"
"This is your way of telling me that you missed me, isn't it?" Kate says.

McGee has a lunch date with Abby! This is so cute! AH! I think he got a tattoo on his butt in order to be Abby's "kind of guy".

I want a screen cap of Tony's face when he hears that! It would make a perfect "The FUCK you say?!" icon!

"I wonder what he said to make Tony speechless?" Kate says.
"He told him he got a tat on his ass." Gibbs smirks.

I <3 this episode! Love, love, love! Ah, my Gibbs/Kate 'shipper heart is happy. *grin*

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