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Okay. So, spoilers for HPB.

DUMBLEDORE! *wails* (Erm, was I the only one who felt the arm thing was kinda Star-Wars?) But, dude. She. Killed. Dumbledore. (Even though, y'know, I suspected he'd get whacked by the end of the series.)

Harry had some sense knocked into him, I see. Only one occurrence of CAPS-LOCK HARRY in the book.

Snape! You bastard! You killed... *sniffle* But would he have done it if he hadn't made the Unbreakable Vow? He had no choice in the matter--Draco obviously wasn't going to do it--but would he, had he had the choice?

There were times when reading HPB that I felt like I was reading a mediocre fanfic. Everyone was pairing up with everyone else. (But: Lupin/Tonks OTPOMG! *squees*)

And tell me that I'm not the only one who thought Regulus Black got to the Horcrux first.

EDIT: Also, Muggle Prime Minister! I'm sure I'm not the only one whose mental image was of a completely bewildered Tony Blair. *grin* (Yes, I know that Blair wasn't PM during the timeframe of the books. Humor me.)


Jul. 17th, 2005 06:04 pm (UTC)
well there's better.
I know this is a children's (young adults) book... and it *is* a fairy tale, good vs evil and bla bla bla, but I like my "grey" characters.
They make for such pretty Angst. I mean doesn't all that "I hate to kill him, there was no other choise. Sorry my old friend."-fic that will (hopefully) pop up a very happy fangirl? And as an extention of that: Snape musing over Draco and how to 'save' him (since apperently he isn't a lost cause yet) without putting him in danger or revealing himself.
Hmm an ending to the fight agaist Voldemort in which Snape and Draco are the ones who ultimately save the day. I think I'd like that. (but I supppose I have to reserve judgement for that until after I've actually read the damn thing. hmmm... I think I deserve a treat after finals, don't you think?)

But I suppose that, given what I know, the only thing that would *really* disappoint me would be if Dumbuldore were still alive somehow and shows up at the end of book VII.


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