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Okay. So, spoilers for HPB.

DUMBLEDORE! *wails* (Erm, was I the only one who felt the arm thing was kinda Star-Wars?) But, dude. She. Killed. Dumbledore. (Even though, y'know, I suspected he'd get whacked by the end of the series.)

Harry had some sense knocked into him, I see. Only one occurrence of CAPS-LOCK HARRY in the book.

Snape! You bastard! You killed... *sniffle* But would he have done it if he hadn't made the Unbreakable Vow? He had no choice in the matter--Draco obviously wasn't going to do it--but would he, had he had the choice?

There were times when reading HPB that I felt like I was reading a mediocre fanfic. Everyone was pairing up with everyone else. (But: Lupin/Tonks OTPOMG! *squees*)

And tell me that I'm not the only one who thought Regulus Black got to the Horcrux first.

EDIT: Also, Muggle Prime Minister! I'm sure I'm not the only one whose mental image was of a completely bewildered Tony Blair. *grin* (Yes, I know that Blair wasn't PM during the timeframe of the books. Humor me.)
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