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Sci-Fi Friday

*sigh* Do I really need to say this? Spoilers behind the cut.

I saw from about 8:20 p.m. on, and I loved it.

Merlin as an Ancient! (You know, I had a plot bunny with magical people as the descendents of the Ancients. Now I may have to actually write it.) (Also, when the hologram of Merlin appeared, I waved and said, "Hi, Dumbledore!" ... Why, yes, I am looking forward to the new Harry Potter book.)

Vala! (I never got to see Prometheus Unbound, and now I am sad. Vala is awesome.)

Scruffy!Daniel! (Yum. No wonder Vala said "Let's make babies!" Though I have the feeling that she says that to most men.)

Cameron Mitchell! (Okay, so he reminds me a lot of John Sheppard. Is this just me?)

Colonel Mitch Pileggi! (*dies*)

Ford! (*sniffle*)

Arrogant!High-Strung!McKay! (Though is there any other kind?)

The Daedalus! (I suppose it's better than Icarus.)

I was kinda disappointed in the ending, but I can see how they're setting up for the rest of the season.

Okay, let's see: President Roslin's still locked up (and is seen as a prophet); Commander Adama is still critical; Starbuck and Helo are stranded on Caprica; Apollo just made it out of the brig in order to go fight Cylons; Vice-President/Dr. Baltar is still crazy and stranded on Kobol, along with the Chief of the flight deck, Specialist Cally, a dead person, an almost-dead person, a stressed-out lieutenant, and... someone else, whose name I missed; and there are Cylons on Galactica--not of the human kind.

Yeah. Totally frakked.
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