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"Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2"

More BSG running commentary!

Um... dude? Are you really planning on staging a coup?

Okay. Apparently you are. Good luck with that. (Except not.)

"Oh, I'm good. I am really good." Yes. Yes, you are.

I love you, Billy! You're such a woobie! "We stand with our president." <3

*squeals* Billy and Dee!

Duuuuuuuuude. Creeeeeeeepy. The entire frakkin' ship is alive.

Ooh! Fiiiiiiiiiight! */frat boy*

Lookit all the guns!

Okay, so that has got to be the freakiest thing ever. Multiple copies of yourself? Yeah. Freaky.

Whoa. Dude. Dude. (I feel like a sea turtle.) DUDE. Did Lee just do what I think he did?

*gasp* Oh, no she didn't! She did not just shoot Commander Adama!

My jaw is, like, on the floor right now. FRAK.

Is it Friday yet?
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