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"Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1"

*squeals very, very loudly*

(Edits to come, I'm sure.)

EDIT #1: Awwww... poor Caprica!Boomer. She may be a Cylon, but she really does love him. *sniffle*

EDIT #2: Jealous Lee! I love it! (I keep waiting for Kara to turn around and deck him, though.)

EDIT #2.5: OH! And there she goes!

EDIT #3: For all that she wants to deny it, the blonde Cylon is jeal-ous. *grin*

EDIT #4: Okay, I'm getting Stargate flashbacks. Sharon is kinda like Fifth, in that she's closer to human than the other Cylon models.

EDIT #5: This show has produced much flailing and squealing from me. I can't wait until tomorrow!

But first... part 2.
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