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Meme, courtesy of susan217.

Oh, screw the numbered instructions I usually see with these things. Post fifty things about you in your journal. They can be mundane, they can be things you'd never tell anyone, or they can be fantastically weird--your call.

1) I wear glasses.
2) I've been to Disney World.
3) I learned to read when I was three.
4) My favorite kind of potato chips are sour cream and onion.
5) I failed two classes the second quarter of my sophomore year of high school.
6) I used to dye my hair blonde.
7) I've never been afraid of the dark.
8) I have one younger sister.
9) I don't like most rap music, but I like Eminem.
10) I'm wearing Tweety Bird pajamas right now.
11) I don't have a favorite book--there are too many to choose from.
12) My favorite color is green.
13) I am a virgin. (How's that for overshare?)
14) I'm a follower, not a leader.
15) I prefer cats to dogs.
16) My birthday is in fifteen days.
17) I was in the national spelling bee when I was thirteen.
18) I lost in the first round, on the word "gummiferous".
19) I have a scar on the back of my right hand.
20) This is one of the hardest memes I've ever done.
21) It takes me over an hour to fall asleep after I go to bed.
22) I had the chicken pox when I was four.
23) I lived with my aunt for eight years.
24) I was a straight-A student in middle school.
25) I in the top fifty of my class in high school.
26) The first book I read was Chicken Soup With Rice.
27) I don't like seafood.
28) I've never been out of the United States.
29) I was born in Rhode Island.
30) I don't like talking on the telephone.
31) I don't like talking to people in general.
32) I seriously considered becoming a Jehovah's Witness.
33) Yes, I know this is both amusing and frightening.
34) I like to swim, but I don't like bathing suits.
35) I just read some spoilers for the new Harry Potter book.
36) If even half of them are true, I will be Jo Rowling's bitch for life.
37) If even one of them is true, I will sit back and laugh as Potter fandom wanks itself unconscious.
38) I'm a college student.
39) I've never had alcohol.
40) I like to bitch about New England weather, but I don't want to live anywhere else.
41) I used to play Manhunt with my cousins in the cemetery behind our house.
42) I don't like wearing makeup.
43) This weekend is my OMGFANDOM weekend.
44) I am the vice-president of my school's chorale this year, but I don't want to be.
45) I hurt my left hand yesterday, but I'm not sure how.
46) I'd care more if one of my LJ friends died than if my grandparents died.
47) If I actually applied myself, I could graduate with Latin honors.
48) I have two wisdom teeth growing in.
49) I wrote my first fanfic when I was seventeen.
50) When I look back at it, I want to deny all involvement because it's so bad.



Jul. 13th, 2005 02:43 pm (UTC)
LOL on all the Harry Potter stuff!

I friggin' hate the phone. Im glad I'm not alone in that.

47) If I actually applied myself, I could graduate with Latin honors.

Wowsers. Go you.

Thanks for doing this. I love these things!


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