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JAG Rant: Posse Comitatus (OAD: 11/14/03)

First off, let me say: Joan of Arcadia r0xx0rs my s0xx0rs!

Anyway... about tonight's episode. I wasn't crazy about the A storyline, but I was really interested in the B story--particularly Sturgis' crisis of faith.

The ep starts out in Yuma, Arizona. A man has taken a deputy hostage, and is shooting at the police with a fully-automatic weapon. A Marine Cobra helicopter arrives at the scene, and the pilot begins shooting at the barn where the guy is holed up, killing the shooter. The sheriff is pissed.

Mac and Harm are sent to Yuma to investigate. Mac has a new hairdo, it seems. And she was wearing quite a bit of eye makeup. Guess baby Gemma is wearing CB out. :-)

Apparently, the shooter was wanted for tax evasion. The Marine is believed to have acted in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

AJ's talking about wanting to resolve this quickly--references the widely-disdained Patriot Act.

Harm leaves AJ's office and heads for his old office--which belongs to Sturgis now. Hee. Sucks to be you, Rabbit!

Harriet's talking to Bud--she's gotten a call from the Inspector General's office. In case you didn't know, that's where she's formally stationed. They're both worried

Bud's the investigation officer in a case where a doctor is claiming conscientious objector status. He is upset with the doctor--Lieutenant Commander Justin Bently--for this. He seems more than a bit bitter that the good doctor is claiming this just as he's called for active duty.

Sturgis is defense counsel for the doctor. Seems Dr. Objector is a Quaker.

Blah, blah... Harm and Mac in Arizona, questioning people. I didn't tape the episode, so I didn't get much down.

The major seems to think he didn't do anything wrong. Nah--just shot and killed a guy who was about to surrender, and injured a deputy who was uninjured.

Cool! Harriet is being put in charge of arranging paperwork for celebrities for the USO in Baghdad on Christmas Eve! "Will I get to meet Garth Brooks?" I love Harriet.

Mac and Harm arguing again. Major Pilot Guy had assisted the San Diego police apprehend a felon in the past. Anyone see a pattern here? Mac says, "Looks like Major Tunney thinks he's the Lone Ranger." Sounds like another arrogant ass we know and love. Or not.

Hee. Makeshift courtroom in a library. Sherriff calls Major Pilot Guy a "trigger-happy yahoo".

Sturgis is at a Quaker meeting hall. Becomes a bit preachy. Well, that's fitting--it is a religious place. Sturgis says, "Faith is an intangible, Commander. I can't prove it in court. I don't even know if I know what it is anymore." Aw... poor Sturgis. I think he needs to talk to his daddy.

Harriet and Bud are discussing Dr. Objector's case. Bud doesn't want to go easy on him. Harriet argues that Dr. Objector has the right to stand by his religious convictions. As she leaves, she mentions her new assignment. "And I have to explain to a rapper why he can't wear his ski cap in his passport photos." I love Harriet.

AJ and Sturgis in AJ's office. AJ asks, "Your father know you're turning your back on religion?" He then asks if Sturgis has talked to his father. Sturgis just smiles and leaves.

Harm and Mac again. Shippers must be loving this. "Oh, that's right--you went to the 'dark side'," Mac says. Then she says that Harm loves arguing with her. "You need JAG just as much as JAG needs you."

Harm replies, "What about you? Are you glad to have me back?" *sigh* You're still on about that, Hamster? I thought she gave you your answer two months ago. Before Mac can answer, her cell phone rings. Sorry, shippers. Well... no, I'm not. *evil smirk*

Harm and Mac talking to AJ on speakerphone. They're taking opposite sides on the case. "Why is this not surprising? The two of you agreeing--that would be a surprise."

Questioning sheriff. He doesn't believe that Marines are "equipped to deal with civilian law enforcement." He is a former Marine, so he apparently knows what he's talking about.

Yay! Chaplain Turner! Daddy Turner rocks.

Sturgis begins waxing philosophical. AJ comes into his office. Chaplain Turner says, "You need me to help you straighten him out, son?" to AJ's comment about Sturgis' stubbornness.

"Do I need to leave so you two can talk about me?" Sturgis asks dryly.
"If you don't mind," AJ replies, smirking. I love that man.

Harriet's arguing with celebrities. She certainly sounds like a mother with a four-year-old.

Dr. Objector's hearing. Sturgis calls his father as an expert witness. He is convinced that Dr. Objector's pacifism is sincere.

Aw... he's talking directly to Sturgis as he says, "You just have to be open to Him, Commander."

Harm and Mac. Mac has a copy of Major Pilot Guy's memoirs. Whoopsie! "What's a little posse comitatus when you can be number one on the New York Times Bestseller list?" she says.

Gah. That damned Hallmark commercial with the singing snowmen is really beginning to irritate me.

Back to Dr. Objector. Bud says that Doc's wish of peace is a "little idealistic". Doc answers, "Without ideals, what are we?" And THWAP! goes the theme mallet, as the fine folks at TWoP put it.

Damn. Bud is bitter, isn't he?

Harm and Mac in courtroom. Major Pilot Guy's not ashamed of what he did. Okay. He saved a pilot's life in Desert Storm. This guy's like a Marine version of the Hamster.

Sturgis and Chaplain at the Officer's Club. Sturgis is apologizing for his personal questioning at the hearing. "Religion is personal, Sturgis," his father says. "You can't speak about it dispassionately." That's a smart man. I like him.

Sturgis tells his father about the accusation of racism brought against him.

"Is it true?"
"I don't know."
"Then it's not about your co-workers; it's about you."

I can't say this enough. Chaplain Turner is the man. "You gotta learn how to bend before you break," he tells Sturgis. Very good advice. Especially for a man as uptight as Sturgis. *grin*

Mac's arguing in front of the judge. Okay--thanks, writers. Posse comitatus means "force of the country".

*sigh* Seems Harm's gonna win again. What. The. Fuck.

Doc's hearing. Bud's recommending the request for separation be approved. However, he's also recommending that the doctor be removed from the military health plan. When the doc says he'll go bankrupt, Bud says, "Sometimes, faith has a heavy price."

When the doctor leaves, Bud says that he had actually begun to believe the doctor's faith was real. Sturgis replies, "Never put your faith in people, Lieutenant. You will always be disappointed." Damn. That's depressing. Even I have faith in some people, and I basically think people suck. :-)

Yup. Harm won. No disciplinary action is taken against Major Pilot Guy. However, he is being sent TAD out of the squadron, pending review of his flight status. I guess it's only half a victory for Harm. But when Mac asks if it was worth it, the major says yes, and that he would do it again. Harm looks all smug when he says this. I tell you... Marine version of the Rabbit.

Damn. Next week: Killer pitch at a Navy All-Star baseball game, a Marine who brags about a murder, and Mac getting reamed out by the SecNav. Talk to you then!
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