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Damn it. Now I want to write a story with AJ asking Mac, "And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?"

Waitaminute... *scurries off*

Ha! Found it! It's been nearly a year, but I can finally update "'Tis the Season".

Also... bwahahaha!! I've gotten my Yuletide assignment! This is gonna be fun... *evil grin*

Edit: I don't waaaaannnnaaaa wait until Christmas to post my story! I want to do it nooowww! I've gotten six pages written so far--and I still have more to go. I also have an idea for a sequel for that pairing, and an idea for another pairing, as well. Why can't "Confused Memories" work this well? Let's go, you two! Quit stalling and get over there! *grin*

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