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Uncyclopedia is my new favorite site. It is hilarious.

This is its entry on homosexual:

Homosexual is a term originating from the latin words Homos, meaning "same", and sexual, meaning "sexual." It is used to describe couples who have sex in the same manner each night. This is different from heterosexuals who have sex in varying positions.

Homosexuality is especially popular in most Christian religions where anything aside from missionary style sex is considered sodomy. Most christians are outright homosexuals and believe heterosexuality to be a sin. Some extreme right-wing christians, like Jerry Falwell, out-and-out refuse to consider any other position at all, making them extreme, or in a more colloquial term, flaming, homosexuals.

This does not include high-ranking members of the church, such as priests and the Pope, who are neutral in sexual intercourse, avoiding it altogether. As being neutral in politics makes one bipartisan, this makes all priests and the Pope bisexual.
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