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*giggles* I love fandom_wank sometimes. I really, really do.

Some idiot blogger gets wanked for claiming that fanfic writers AREN'T REAL WRITERS OMG. And the comments are even wankier.

(For those of you not familiar with the term, "wank" used in this context refers to "fans who have gotten so carried away that they are getting off on their egos in public". See the Wikipedia entry.)

Anyway, the some of the comments on the wank report made me crack up.

Help me Fandom Wank, how can I gain the SOUL of a WRITER? Kill one and consume his heart? Or can I just cut his head off?

--I find that boiling down the remains into a hearty soup while chanting mystical invocations to Dagon to be an excellent way to gain the SOUL OF A WRITER. Not to mention, after the ceremony is over, the soup is delicious and nutritious!

--Gypsy curse? Save Sunnydale while wearing tacky jewelry?

And the one that KILLED ME DED:

--Take out the writer's symbiote and implant it in yourself.

. . .

Clearly I have been watching way too much Stargate.


--It would explain why Paul Guyot is such a bastard.

(And if he has fashion at ALL, that's explained too!)
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