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Summary mocking!

Who's up for some summary mocking on this fine Friday afternoon?

And here are the first ten summaries from the NCIS section of

Post "Twilight" S2.23. Kate was a friend, as close as a sister and an invaluable asset to co-workers, but the shockwaves aren't over yet...

Promising. A look at the fic, however, tells us that it's a lookalike. ...No. Just... no.

AU. Pre-Twilight.. I am in Twilight Denial so it never happened. Tony meets his dream girl - Gibbs’ unknown daughter… Also heavy McAbby, because there aren’t enough McAbby fics around here….. R&R Please!

Aaaaaah! Mary Sue! Run away! Run away! *flees*

a car thief from tony's past comes to help the team

Ahkay. They're called capital letters and punctuation, sweetie. The shift key is your friend.

Will Tony turn his back on a woman who left him devistated?

1. No. 2. Devastated. 3. *cough*MarySue*cough*

Abby's sister joins the team,but she is plagued by her past

WTF is up with all the original characters? Are the canon characters too hard for you to write?!

She could feel his breath on the back of her neck slowly move around to the side of her neck. Combined work with tear of the sun girl. Sixth chapter is here.

...Okay, the name of the moron who plagiarized me is enough to either make me run screaming, or read the fic to mock it mercilessly. Vote in the comments to decide which one I should do! ;-)

Okay, it's a stupid title. But it's post-Twilight and it's not pretty. Second chapter up- warning, don't read if you want everyone to be alive and happy.

Okay, you're a stupid author. How about, you know, telling us what happens in the fic? Or even just giving us a tagline to intrigue us enough to click the link? Is this too difficult for your tiny little brain to handle?

This, happens post twlight. I'm really bad at summaries, so you'll just have to read the story. My computer's being a butt again, so it may take a while for it to update. Sorry :(

You also suck at life. I really wouldn't care if you ever updated again. At least you spelled "summaries" right--even though you missed "Twilight".

The yearly reminder of an old case takes a new twist and Tony becomes the target for revenge.

OhmygodGOODFIC! GOOD AUTHOR! Never leave me! *clings and weeps*

Missing scene for Red Cell. What happened before Tony and Kate broke into McGee's apartment? TonyKate

Though the "TonyKate" at the end made me a bit nervous to read the fic, it was actually... pretty good. Let's hope the author sticks around to educate the other Tony/Kate writers.

So which section should I tackle next?
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