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First: A fic rec. A Coin That Won't Get Tossed, by atlashrugged. Four vignettes--Cuddy/Cameron, Cameron POV; House/Cameron, House POV; House/Cameron, Wilson POV; and House/Cameron, House POV (again). And they're all really good. And, dude. Great Cuddy/Cameron. And fantastic Wilson voice.

*pokes* Go forth and read.

Second: You know what I'd really like? If people didn't insist on working out their issues in fanfic. Or, if they must, how 'bout not telling me about it? I might actually be able to enjoy a fic if I don't know about the author's problems. As it is, as soon as I see any warning on that matter, I run screaming in the other direction.

Third: NCIS and House season finales tomorrow! Who's excited? I know I am!

Fourth: I have the hiccups.
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