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HPFic Rec: Time Revolution

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: Time Revolution

Author: KissThis (golden_witch)

Rating: T

Category: Action/Adventure, Romance

Pairing: Remus/Hermione, James/Lily

Summary: Hermione's ritual magick brought back four people from the past to fulfil a prophecy, but they aren't exactly the four she planned on. Are the trio a prehistoric triumverate of power? Will Voldemort be defeated? And will the Marauders find love?


Story Status: Complete.

Shannon's Thoughts: Time-travel is one of my huge (nonsexual) kinks. A well-written time-travel fic makes me squeal like the little fangirl I am. Throw in some unconventional romance, a strong female protagonist, and major mindfucking, and I'm hooked. This fic was good enough to make me enjoy it, despite its many typos and occasional moment of OOCness and purple prose. If the author got herself a beta to fix those, this would definitely be at least a 9.

Final judgment: 7/10.
Tags: fanfic, harry potter, recommendations

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