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The moonlight from one of the bay windows caught her pale face in its ivory beams and chased the shadows from her closed eyes; her round face glowing. A shimmering like diamonds in starlight sparked beneath her lashes and spread along the dark ebony fringe.

That’s how the tears began.

They rolled down her cheeks in mercurial waves, tinted silver by the ethereal moonlight, and splashed into her hair. Her image in the white glow shook, trembling beneath continuous onslaught of the moon’s rays.

This prose is a beautiful shade of the most velvety lilac. *is amused*

But really, if one ignores the occasional spot of purple prose, typos, and OOCness, it's a pretty good fic.

Edit: In an unrelated note, Idina Menzel's "All of the Above" is stripper-ific. I love it! *grin*

Son of edit: I find quite a lot to be funny at one o'clock in the morning.
Tags: harry potter, random, writing commentary
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