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JAG Rant: Close Quarters (OAD: 11/7/03)

This episode starts in a submarine in the Sea of Japan. There is a North Korean sub in South Korean waters. Smoke is rising from its deck--the US sub picks the passengers up.

JAG Headquarters--hail the conquering hero. That's right--the Hamster is back.

People are rushing around, trying to get work done. Harm seems to wonder why no one is greeting him. Like Mac said, the world doesn't stop turning because he's left the room.

Harriet approaches Harm. They start talking. "Are you well-rested, sir?"
"You bet," Harm replies cheerfully.
"Be prepared not to be."

Sturgis is called into AJ's office.

"Anything we need to talk about?"
"Not at the moment, sir."

Sturgis is going TAD to the USS Cathedral City. He says it'll be like "going home".

Ten North Korean sailors were picked up. Sturgis asks if they're survivors or combatants; AJ says that's what he's going to find out. As Sturgis stands to leave, he asks if there's anything else. "Yeah. Come back with a new attitude," AJ says. Word, AJ.

Harm's shopping for aspirin. He meets an old Navy veteran who's trying to open his prescription bottle--the man has only one arm. He says he lost it two weeks after he was discharged from the Navy in 1945. Two police officers come in and say he is accused of robbery.

Sturgis is on the boat. Meets his interpreter--who is also in Intelligence. They don't exactly hit it off--the guy (who is Korean) seems rather touchy with him. Lots of technical gibberish that I don't have the time to get down. Corpsman updates them on the passengers' medical status.

Back to Harm. Still worrying about Terence. The man has no HMO--he committed the robbery to get the money for his medication.

Oy. Harm has 27 cases to read--twice the amount that the others have, apparently. Jen approaches Harm and Mac to give Harm some more cases from the Admiral.

"Was he smiling when he gave them to you?"
"Slightly, sir."

A few minutes later, Mac asks if Harm's found Terence a place. He says kinda. "He's on your couch," Mac says accusingly.

Sturgis is questioning the prisoners in one room. He questions the captain first. "Tell him that if he refuses to cooperate, he may not be allowed to return to his country."

Hoo-boy. This is not taken well. ...Actually, six of the North Koreans want to defect!

Harm's place--Terence is there. He asks Harm why he's helping him. Well, y'see, Terence, the Hamster has this little thing we like to call a 'hero complex'...

Sturgis and Lt. Interpreter Guy talking. Interpreter Guy is frustrated. He really doesn't like Sturgis, does he?

Skipper comes into room. A helo extraction is coming to get Sturgis, Lt. IG, and six detractors. "I haven't felt this good since I hit the Reno slots," skipper says.

Harm's talking to Mattie. She so has a crush on him. This makes that whole "guardian" thing just a tad creepy...

A lawyer from the public defender's office comes in to give Harm Terence's case.

Good God--the man's Social Security benefits are $213 above the poverty line, so he's not eligible for other help? That's just ridiculous.

Bud has two cases he's working on, plus the PO LaPorte sentencing. He refuses to help Harm, though. "If I was allowed to, I'd--" He cuts himself off.

"The Admiral put you up to this."
"I'm not the only one."

"What, am I being punished?"
"You might consider it a hazing."

Uh-oh... one of the North Korean prisoners is found in the head, unconscious. The corpsman suspects SARS. The skipper's face is definitely one of "Oh, FUCK!"

Commercial... off-topic here, but I flipped over to Comedy Central to watch Lewis Black for a few minutes. That man cracks me up. "MTV is to music what KFC is to chicken."

Back to show... the sub crew is preparing to ventilate the boat. They're also disinfecting every surface they can.

JAG. Harm walks into Mac's office. "Can't help you, Harm--you're off-limits."

Harm tries to talk Mac into helping Terence. He says that AJ will forgive Mac for bending the rules a bit. "He always lets you slide." Well, then... *evil grin*

Sturgis on the boat. Still arguing with Lt. Interpreter Guy over every little thing.

They're heading for Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutian islands. Damn cold there.

Sturgis gets the idea to photograph a slide of the virus and e-mail it to Bethesda so they can run a database check.

Uh-oh... Terence is in with AJ. Harm thinks he's in big trouble.

Well. Looks like our boy Sturgis has some pretty good computer skills.

Korean captain gets upset for some reason, smashes a control panel in the weapons room.

Commercial again. Lewis Black is too damn funny.

Sturgis talking to skipper. "You look like a pious man." Sturgis mutters, "Less and less."

Harm and Mac called into AJ's office. Oh, boy. What's gonna happen now?

Terence tells them about the "Great Lakes Experience". Photos of bands playing are shown--Terence was in a band. He played the piano.

AJ knows the Commonwealth Attorney from law school--called him to help Terence.

"Why the hell weren't the two of you on top of this?" he asks when Terence leaves. I really think AJ needs to invest in some Prozac--his mood swings are really beginning to confuse me.

Harm says, "I need to know what's expected of me. Do I need to prove myself or be myself?"
"That's a fair question. Be who you need to be." Cryptic responce much?

Harm says that he can't help anyone with all of the cases he has. AJ tells him to give the Singer cases that were given to him earlier to Mac. Mac tries to object, but neither man listens to her. Dude. Doesn't she have enough to do?

Back to the boat. The SARS tests came back negative. It was a "nasty strain of flu".

Lt. IG turns to leave. Sturgis stops him and asks, "I do have a question to ask you. Was the man who robbed and shot your father black?" Lt. IG answers in the affirmative.

Sturgis reports back to JAG. AJ says, "Go home. Whatever you have, we don't want it." Sturgis is sniffling and wiping his nose with a tissue the entire time he talks to AJ.

What the... Lt. Interpreter Guy is accusing Sturgis of racial bias?! He's the one who's racially biased!

AJ asks if it's true.
"No, sir."
"Good enough for me."

AJ then asks why Sturgis doesn't get pissed off at these accusations. Sturgis answers that he has been thinking about it, and he should've handled the situation differently. AJ just looks at him.

AJ wants to introduce Sturgis to Terence. Sturgis declines. AJ asks when he wants to meet him. "When I feel worthier, sir." Aw... Sturgis has gone to extreme self-doubt now.

This episode didn't really do much for me. Compared to last week's, it seems rather blah. Especially considering that it's November sweeps. I hope next week has some decent action.

Next week--Harm and Mac are once more facing off in court! This hasn't happened for a while. I hope Mac wins this one--she's been on a bit of a losing streak lately. Of course, since Super Rabb is back, he'll probably win. *sigH*

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