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FF: Moderate Gale (1/1)

Title: Moderate Gale

Author: raindroproses

Rating: K
Category: Alternate Universe

Fandom: JAG
Pairing: Harm/Mac
Spoilers: Everything up to and including the series finale.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. If I did, I wouldn't need to write this AU.

Author's Note: QD on the ajmacfic Yahoo! group requested an episode fix for Fair Winds and Following Seas. If you ARE a Harm/Mac shipper and are still flying high from the series finale, I suggest you don't read.

Mac smiled. Nine years. She'd waited nine years for this. "What are you proposing?"

They kissed. He wasn't a very good kisser, but she put that from her mind. "I'm proposing... marry me."

She smiled brilliantly and kissed him fervently.

"London's nice," Harm murmured.

"So's San Diego."

They pulled back and looked at each other. This had always been the problem, hadn't it? It wasn't fate--it was circumstance. Their careers.



She shook her head. "Are you willing to give up your career for me?" Her words from three years ago echoed back to them both. 'Are you willing to give up your girlfriend to have me?'

'Yes.' That was the answer she'd never heard. He had said it quietly, hesitantly, after she had left.

He looked into her rich brown eyes. "Mac, I..." He hesitated for too long.

A lump formed in her throat. "Don't, Harm. Just... don't."

"Mac, please."

She broke from his embrace. "So you're not willing to give up the Navy. And I'm not resigning from the Corps." She'd decided that long ago. She wouldn't give up the Marines for any man. Including Harm.

"Yes. I'd resign my commission for you. I'll follow you wherever you want to go."

Nine years of history passed between them in an instant. From a rose garden to Russia. From a courtroom to Ciudad Del Este.

"But you wouldn't be happy," she said quietly.

"I..." Harm, for once, paused and considered his response. And this time, he didn't deflect the question. "I love you, Mac. But no. I wouldn't be happy without the Navy."

Mac swallowed, and nodded. She turned away and hung her head, struggling with the death of a decade-old dream.

"Mac... I'm sorry."

She turned back to Harm. His blue eyes were sad. He almost looked like he was fighting tears.

"I know, Harm. So am I." She crossed over to him and pressed one final kiss to his lips. "Goodbye, Harm."

He caressed her cheek. "I really thought this would work out, you know. That we were meant to be together."

Mac shook her head. "I put fairy tales behind me long ago. But... I thought that you might be my knight in shining gold wings." They shared a soft, bittersweet laugh.

"Goodbye... Sarah." Her breath caught in her throat. It was strange, though. She felt no desire to change her mind.

He opened the door, and looked back. Their eyes met. "Write to me from San Diego. I'm sure I'll miss the sunshine after the London fog."

"Oh, Harm..." She swallowed. "Of course I will."

And she did. They exchanged postcards at Christmas, and didn't meet again until AJ Roberts's tenth birthday.
Tags: fic: jag
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