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Date update

Yes, it's midnight, and most of you are probably in bed--but what the hell.

*bounces* Very good date. At least, I thought so. :-) We have the same sense of humor (that is, twisted and dark), we both love computers (though he is brilliant with them, whereas I'm just enthusiastic), and he's so, so nice.

Though he's into Swedish metal rock and he doesn't like sports. What's up with that? *shrugs* Meh.

We went to see Sin City. Not exactly first-date material, if you're considering seeing it. As I told cakemage, the lines were cheesy and the violence plentiful and gratuitous. It was okay, but I wouldn't go see it again.

I do want to see him again, though.

(And yes, before you ask, there was a good-night kiss.)
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