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A good day. Yay and stuff.

Today was a good day.

Scratch that. Today was a fantastic day.

We had a carnival at school for COF Spring Week. (That's Colleges of the Fenway, for those of you playing at home.) I got to go on the moonbounce! *grin* And there was a rock wall, and an inflatable Twister game, and live bands, and free food... it was awesome.

Of course, being completely shy, I wandered around by myself, taking pictures of everyone. (Pics will be forthcoming.)

(Yes, I know I don't come across as shy online. That's 'cause I have time to think of a response when I'm having a conversation. Also, if I embarrass myself, I don't have to actually hear anyone laugh at me.)

Anyway, back to the carnival. While listening to one of the bands (Big City Skyline, I think the name was), A. walked by and gestured for me to follow her. One of her friends was at the gate, and she was going to escort him in.

She was playing matchmaker. I had the sneaking suspicion when she left us alone to go find someone. And kept leaving us alone. And then she asked him about what he did for a living, and got into a debate about it (I think her future senator-ness was kicking in). And then she left us alone again.

Later, we went to CVS, where we met up with B., K.O., and K.R. A few weeks ago, we were in Quadside (the campus convenience store), hanging out after a rehearsal, when B. and K.R. decided they wanted to dye their hair red. I didn't think they'd actually remember. They did.

And for pretty much the first time in my life, I made an impulse decision.

I decided to dye my hair, too.

So I borrowed six bucks from A. and bought some hair dye. After our purchases were made, we went back to campus, where J. (the boy) left us. I think the thought of watching us squeal over hair colors was a bit too much for even his patience. (And he stayed with us through the hair products aisle. That should tell you how patient he is.)

We stopped by A.'s room, dropped off our stuff, and went to dinner, where A. began to expound on the many great and wonderful facets of J. I told her she could stop the sales pitch already; that I was interested when I heard he was in the technology field.

After everyone stopped laughing, she said that she thought he was interested in me, too. I don't know about that. But then, I've never even been on a date, so what do I know?

Well, anyway, after dinner, we went back to A.'s room and started the process of dyeing the hair of four girls. K.O. was incredibly patient during this--she was the one who applied the dye.

It was so much fun. I've never had friends like that before, you know? Most of my friends were the type that you sat with in the cafeteria so you didn't have to eat lunch alone. The outcast table. Now, it seems like I have real friends, and I think I like it.

So to sum up the day: I had fun (outside, for once), met a nice, intelligent, cute guy, hung out with friends, and dyed my hair red. (Okay, it's more auburn than red.)

A good day. And just think--my plans for the day were to surf the Web, eat dinner, watch some TV, and go to bed.

Sometimes, a change of plans is a good thing.
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